AnniversaryInternet ABC: A safe place for children for 20 years

Since 2003, the Internet ABC has been offering children a safe introduction to the online world. Designed as a learning platform for six to twelve-year-olds, children learn everything they need to know for their first steps on the Internet. Internet-ABC e.V. now celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Bertelsmann Stiftung with invited guests from the worlds of politics and education.

In addition to the learning platform for children, Internet-ABC e.V. offers materials and training courses for teachers that are geared to the curricula of the respective federal states. Parents can find information on the platform for dealing with media in the family. In this way, Internet-ABC e.V. reaches children in all areas of their lives. The fact that this concept is working is demonstrated by the popularity of the service throughout Germany. Around a third of children between the ages of six and twelve and 45 percent of teachers at German elementary schools are familiar with the website This means that Internet-ABC e.V. plays a central role in digital education for children of primary school age.

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About the Internet-ABC

The Internet-ABC offers children a safe introduction to the Internet. Children can try out the Internet-ABC in a protected area and learn how the Internet works, how to harness its potential and how to surf safely. The platform, which is free of charge and free of advertising, also provides parents and educators with target-group-specific information and support to help children between the ages of five and twelve take their first steps online. The project is supported by Internet-ABC e.V., to which all state media authorities in Germany belong.