Media literacy game JUNAIT - the social rehearsal network for children

Setting" privacy, "flagging" strangers and recognizing advertising as "phishing" - Junait sensitizes children in a playful way to the dangers that can lurk in social networks. At the same time, the players learn how to deal with these dangers in a protected space.

How do you prepare young people to deal with social media? For parents and educators, this is often a real challenge. The media literacy game "Junait" by planpolitik, which was awarded the klicksafe recognition prize, can help here. In a playful way, it lets young people between the ages of eight and twelve train together in their class how to deal confidently with social media.

In 90 minutes, students learn how to be active on the Internet on their own responsibility. The children are prepared for the use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and at the same time acquire media skills through play.

In the game, the children create a user account and feed their profile with personal data. Then they make friends with their classmates, chat and post articles. But something is not right. Who are these strange people? Why are they sending out virus emails? And who wants to sell my data? With the help of various tasks, the children navigate through the network at their own pace. The game quickly develops its own dynamics and a battle for private data begins.

The game can be played in the school's computer room and, with additional materials, can be taught in class. The preparation and supervision of the game is simple and self-explanatory for teachers and does not require any specialist knowledge. The actions of the students can be tracked via the teacher login and critical moments can be evaluated together afterwards. 


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