For a better InternetChildren's Pages Day 2023 - Tracking Children's Rights

One topic, over 60 websites and more than 100 link tips: To the day of the child sides on 21 October the German-language child side landscape interlaces itself under the slogan ?the child rights on the trace ? One click on opens the door to the exciting world of children's rights - presented in a diverse and multifaceted way on a wide range of platforms under the umbrella of the children's website network Seitenstark.

During the campaign period from October 21 to Children's Rights Day on November 20 and beyond, the children's pages illustrate and explain selected articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. At the same time, children can exercise their rights here directly online, because online offerings for children stand up for children's rights in many ways: Here, children find information that explains without scaring. There is room for play, education and participation.

Speaking one's own mind, treating each other with respect and being taken seriously - children experience all of this on the participating children's sites. Children can discuss and exchange ideas about children's rights in the secure Seitenstark children's forum, for example. The project "Children's Rights - Level Up!" sponsored by the GermanChildren'sFund is currently running there.

By the way: Adults are also welcome to look around. Teachers and other interested parties can find a wide range of teaching materials on the subject of children's rights.

The online special "On the trail of children's rights" will be available from October 21 at ready.