Peer-to-peer campaign by klicksafe and Nummer gegen KummerTeens enlighten: Pornography, sexting, online dating

Is it okay to watch porn if you are under 18? What to do when sexting goes wrong? Is it okay to host someone online? This week, young counselors are explaining this in a peer-to-peer campaign by klicksafe and "Nummer gegen Kummer" on Instagram.

Young counselors from the "Jugend beraten Jugendliche" (Young People Advise Young People) service of the "Nummer gegen Kummer" (Number Against Sorrow) have dealt with the topic of "Love and Sexuality on the Net" in various workshops. The result is a peer-to-peer campaign on the topics of pornography, sexting and online dating. This week, Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. and klicksafe are opening up their Instagram channels for the young people to present the content they have developed.

Every Saturday, young people seeking advice have the opportunity to speak anonymously and free of charge to their peers on the children's and young people's telephone, who will support them with their worries and problems. "Young people advise young people" is a service offered by Nummer gegen Kummer e.V.

Children's and youth telephone: 116111 (Mon-Sat from 2-8 p.m.)

Online counseling:

Notice: We will publish the campaign content in parallel on Instagram at @klicksafe and @nummergegenkummer_e.v and here in this article during the week.

Feed posts about "pornography

For many, pornography is a topic that is difficult to talk about. At the same time, young people regularly come into contact with pornographic content, both intentionally and unintentionally. Three feed posts are intended to encourage young people to talk about the topic, to inform themselves and, if they have questions or worries, to use support services such as the Nummer gegen Kummer.

Sexting Reels

Young people now prefer to communicate with each other online, get to know each other, exchange ideas, and maintain friendships and romantic relationships. For many young people, this now includes exchanging intimate pictures with each other. In two videos, the young counselors of Nummer gegen Kummer explain how important it is to talk to each other about sexting and to agree on rules, as well as what young people can do if intimate images are suddenly shared without permission.

Online Dating Story

Not only, but also in online dating, sudden contact breaks can occur quickly. A person suddenly stops contacting you and you don't know why. Many young people who have either been "ghosted" or have ghosted someone themselves can also report so-called "ghosting. In a story, the young counselors give young people information on how they can best deal with the issue.

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