Training #webcoaches

School Event

Tuesday to Thursday, 7th to 9th of February 2023

Hamburger Str. 16
21244 Buchholz

Target Group(s)


The Reso-Fabrik e.V. and the Harburg Police Department recognized 13 years ago that the use of smartphones, messengers and social media can be a great way for young people to network, but can also cause problems such as cyberbullying 🤨.

The #webcoaches were created to educate young people about these dangers and to provide helpful support for their fellow students.
What started as a small project at one school has now become a webcoaches family with over 500 webcoaches in the district of Harburg at soon 22 schools.

The #Webcoaches are students from the 7th grade onwards who advise younger classmates on questions and concerns about using digital media.

How do I use digital media and how do I protect myself?
What's the deal with image rights? When does using smartphones and PCs actually become an addiction?

These are questions that the #Webcoaches can help the younger students with!

To ensure that the #Webcoaches have the appropriate know-how, they are trained by Reso-Fabrik e.V., the local youth social work and youth care departments, the school social workers and the police.

Then the #Webcoaches can start at their school and begin their work.
They offer workshops on specific topics in the younger grades, hold office hours during breaks, and are also happy to attend parents' evenings by invitation.
They advise their fellow students at eye level and confidentially!

The training of the #webcoaches is always a highlight 🤩
These are really motivated students who are committed to their fellow students🤗
Of course, there are also issues that go beyond the scope of the web coaches - then we support the #webcoaches at any time in word and deed and are always available for advice #back 💪🏼

In keeping with SID, we are returning to our school of origin: the Gymnasium Hittfeld, to train a new generation of #webcoaches.

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