Digital health for an analog well-being


Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
15:00 - 17:00

Ortenberg street 40
60385 Frankfurt on the Main

Cell phone neck, headaches, tendinitis...
More and more young people are already complaining about physical complaints - caused by excessive media use. Incorrect posture and unhealthy usage behavior are just two of the extensive problems caused or exacerbated by a lack of media literacy.
In the workshop "Digital Health for an Analog Well-Being" at the Medien-Studio-Bornheim, not only the cognitive aspects of media health will be addressed, but also explicitly the body. The workshop is divided into three parts:

During the theoretical input, the health risks are named and concrete ideas for improvement are collected. Although outdated prejudices are to be cleared up, the focus is nevertheless on real and acute problems associated with intensive media use.

During the adaptation phase, we adjust our devices for health. In addition to the integrated apps for usage behavior and well-being, we also adjust blue filters and the general brightness and volume. In addition, we show which postures are not only comfortable, but also less stressful for muscles and tendons while on the smartphone.

The workshop will conclude with media yoga. Our movement educator will lead exercises to relax areas of the body that have become tense or blocked due to poor posture. The exercises shown are chosen to be low-threshold so that the young people can repeat the movements at home.

Please bring your own smartphone, comfortable sportswear and if possible a small mat!

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