Online without limit?! - The virtual talk show about border crossings on social media

Online discussion

Tuesday, 7th of February 2023
19:30 - 20:45

Heiligengeist street 20a
26121 Oldenburg

Online without limit?! - The virtual talk show on transgressing boundaries on social media.

Self-promotion on TikTok and Insta, constantly hanging on your cell phone, or earning money with OnlyFans - there are many aspects of media use that cause trouble, especially between young people and adults.

But what is your opinion? Where do you set your own limits, when are they exceeded, and what is actually perfectly okay? We want to know this and much more from the scouts who are involved in the "network workshop".

On this evening, the teenagers and young adults will have their say and discuss among themselves and in an exchange with the media education team on the virtual podium. You can be there live and - if you want - join in the discussion.

The "Netzwerkstatt" is an initiative to promote the involvement of young people from northern Germany and beyond and advocates for more civil courage, education and media competence.

The scouts from Bremerhaven, Bremen, Oldenburg and the Wesermarsch region work on a voluntary basis and deal with key issues such as cyberbullying, hate on social media, cybergrooming, data protection and personal rights, problematic media consumption and self-portrayal on the web. But also with democracy, education and digitization.

With their own role model function, they creatively educate the public without pointing fingers, but with a lot of heart and initiative.

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