Where is Klaus?



Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents Teenagers


Since its first broadcast in October 2005, the commercial "Where's Klaus?" has made a significant contribution to the awareness of klicksafe. Since then, the spot has been broadcast on various TV stations and has been shown in numerous cinemas under the patronage of Bernd Neumann, Minister of State for Culture.

"Where is Klaus?" was developed by the advertising agency Ogilvy&Mather in Frankfurt and produced by Neue Sentimental Film AG, Frankfurt. The film was directed by the German-Austrian director duo Begbie. Renowned film and theater actors such as Hans-Joachim Heist and Sandra Nedeleff were recruited as actors.

Content of the spot

The klicksafe spot presents four problem areas of Internet use that are particularly problematic for children and young people: Right-wing extremism, pornography, depictions of violence and pedosexuality. A seemingly innocent mother lets various strange-looking people into her house and kindly shows them all the way to "Klausi. At the end, she lets her little daughter leave with a stranger. The spot is deliberately made provocative, it shakes things up and draws parents' attention to the issue of "safety on the Internet" and problematic content in a forceful and ironic way.

"Klaus" across Europe

In the meantime, "Where's Klaus?" is no longer just drawing the attention of German audiences to the issue of Internet safety: various European partners of klicksafe have translated the spot and put it on TV in their countries. There are currently language versions in English, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Icelandic, Austrian, Slovenian, Czech, Greek,  and with subtitles in Latvian and Polish. 


The TV spot won the silver medal at the prestigious AME Awards in September 2006. AME Awards stands for Advertisement, Marketing, Efficiency and is considered the efficiency Grand Prix in the advertising industry.

In September 2007, the spot won the advertising film award DIE KLAPPE in two categories. In both the "TV&Cinema" and "Internet Films" categories, the spot won DIE KLAPPE in silver. The Kommunikationsverband e.V. award is considered the most important advertising film competition in the German-speaking world.

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