Video games, smartphone & social media: The right way to use digital media


Tuesday, 7th of February 2023

Ruedorfferstr. 9
83022 Rosenheim

Target Group(s)

Young people
Experts / professional audience

The Pupil and Student Center Rosenheim, the Johann-Rieder-Realschule and the Sebastian-Finsterwalder-Gymnasium are planning a workshop evening with the addiction prevention facility neon for Safer Internet Day 2023
:The lifeworld of the children and youth generation now growing up is significantly influenced by the leading media Internet, smartphone and computer. The majority of young people regularly use computer games. The smartphone is a natural part of everyday life. Is there an increased risk of isolation for our children as a result of growing digitalization?
The fact is: In many families, consoles, computers and smartphones are often the bone of contention. It seems that in the lives of young people, everything revolves around being online and playing games.

The lecture will focus on the following topics, among others:

> Online addiction: Can video games and smartphones be addictive?
> Cost trap: Free to play

> What does sensible media education look like?
> Tips for parents: What should I watch out for, where can I get help?

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