DEFEND YOURSELF! Against sexualized violence on the net (5): Setting boundaries

Explainer film


Published by: klicksafe in cooperation with Juuuport

Target Group: Teenagers


Cybergrooming is the term used to describe sexualized contact with children and young people on the Internet. The goal of perpetrators is usually to obtain intimate information and recordings as well as to facilitate personal meetings. They then try to continue the abuse offline. It is not always easy for adolescents to defend themselves. It is therefore all the more important that they know, for example, where they can get help confidentially and free of charge. In this video, Jasmin and Stephan from the JUUUPORT scouts give important tips on how to protect yourself from cybergrooming and how to defend yourself against it.

The video series and information brochure of the same name "WEHR DICH! Against Sexualized Violence on the Net" was developed by klicksafe together with the nationwide online advice platform JUUUPORT and with the support of the Independent Commissioner on Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM) for young people.

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