Through the year with klicksafe

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 76 Pages

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Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Educators

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"Through the year with klicksafe - 12 units of media education for elementary school" offers a guide that you can already integrate into your school year planning. The units, as well as 4 additional projects, allow you to design age-appropriate media education lessons for grades 2 to 6. To help you plan your lessons efficiently, all units are clearly structured and can be implemented quickly. The concept was developed in cooperation with the klicksafe Children's Panel. The Children's Panel is a focus group of students aged 7 to 11.

Today, the Internet is a natural part of growing up. Whether it's children's series on YouTube, game apps on their devices or using social networks. Access to the Internet is becoming easier and easier, and so younger children are increasingly using it. But they often can't find their way through the jungle of digital possibilities. For example, they use offers that are not suitable for their age. In the process, they may encounter inappropriate content that frightens them.

The aim of the 12 units is to sensitize students from elementary school onwards to the risks and possibilities of using the Internet, so that they can act in a more self-determined and safer way.

Additional materials

  1. Board game Be smart on the net (PDF file) 
  2. Presentation "Clash of Cats" (PowerPoint file)
  3. Educational game on cyberbullying "Jakob and the Cybermights" (website)