Through the year with klicksafe

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 56 Pages


Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Educators


The material "Through the year with klicksafe - 12 units of media education for elementary school" is intended to provide you with inspiration for the school year to integrate monthly media education units into your school year planning. The 12 units + 2 additional projects have been developed from the work with the klicksafe Children's Panel - a focus group of 7-11 year old pupils - and are suitable for grades 2-6.

The Internet and its various offerings - children's series on YouTube, game apps on devices, and more. - are now a natural part of growing up. However, in the absence of youth protection filters, the youngest users can come into contact with content that is not suitable for their age and experience encounters that frighten them. They also often fail to find their way through the jungle of digital options because they are unaware of such websites and services that have been developed specifically for their age and usage capabilities. Instead, they use social networks that are not yet suitable for their age or search engines for adults. 

The basic goals of media literacy promotion in elementary school should therefore be to make good children's websites known, to enable children to use the Internet and its content in a self-competent and safe way, and last but not least, to encourage them to use the Internet creatively. 

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