The new SCROLLER issue "Digital Democracy

Having a say, children's rights, fact or fake: In the new SCROLLER, everything revolves around the topic of "digital democracy" and how young people can get involved online.

Digital media and the Internet provide access to information from all over the world. The challenge, however, is to find one's way through the flood of information and to distinguish between fact and fake, for example. SCROLLER shows children how important it is to inform themselves, to have their own opinion and to get involved in socio-political issues.

Video contributions, interviews and tips from the SCROLLER characters Tom & Trixi:
The digital SCROLLER magazine "Digital Democracy" gives children a practical, critical and creative look at the possibilities of active co-determination online - embedded in the school and family context. Children are made aware of why forming one's own opinion is extremely important in our democracy and what role social media play in shaping opinions.

Media education and Scroller Edu+
SCROLLER is suitable for media education both in the family and in educational institutions. The digital magazine can be used in projects and lessons for 9- to 12-year-old students*. For educators, the digital magazine offers "Edu+"offers educational professionals a lot of background information and working materials that they can use at school, in hybrid lessons, or in guided learning at home.

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