How to recognize fake stores on the Internet

No one can get past Black Friday Week at the moment, Cyber Monday is just around the corner and Christmas is only a month away. Covid-19 has already made online shopping more important, but it is not until the end of the year that the online shopping frenzy traditionally reaches its peak. klicksafe provides information on how the shopping experience can remain a safe one online.

Shopping on the Internet offers customers a number of advantages. For example, some discounts are only available in the online store, prices can be easily compared and you don't have to leave the house to go shopping.
However, there are also disadvantages. Goods cannot be examined before the purchase, the actually favorable purchase price can be relativized again by expensive dispatch and unfortunately not only trustworthy business persons operate on-line Shops.

There is no complete security when shopping on the Internet. This is how you can reduce the risk of being taken in by fraudsters:

Tip 1: Check discounts and compare prices
If the purchase price is very significantly lower than the price at other stores, caution is advised. Fake stores are often recognized by the fact that almost all items on offer are drastically reduced or that items are offered that are sold out or not available in other stores.

Tip 2: Check the imprint
If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a store, it is worth taking a closer look at the imprint. A simple search engine query can find out whether the address given exists and whether it is realistic to assume that an online wholesaler, for example, is operating from this address.

Tip 3: Check contact options
Are the address, telephone number or e-mail available as contact options at all? If so, it is worth calling to check whether the telephone number actually works.

Tip 4: Critically examine ratings
Good ratings can be an indication that you are dealing with a genuine and reliable store. But these ratings can also be faked. Caution is therefore advised if reviews are all positive or very similar in wording.

Tip 5: Only use secure payment methods
The safestmethodis to pay by invoice after the goods have been checked. Paying by direct debit is also considered secure, as the money can be credited back up to eight weeks after purchase. Under no circumstances should you pay in advance in stores that you do not know.

Tip 6: Pay attention to encryption
When paying on the Internet, data should always be transmitted in encrypted form. You can check this by looking at the address line of your browser. If the address begins with "http", caution is advised - the connection is insecure. If the address begins with "https", the transmission is encrypted and therefore secure.

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