Material tipTracking conspiracy myths with hidden object pictures

Conspiracy theories offer answers, clarity and simple connections in a complex world. Via social networks, messenger services and YouTube, conspiracy narratives today reach very many people within a very short time. Children and young people in particular lack the experience and background knowledge to judge conspiracy narratives as such. How can they recognize and critically question conspiracy myths? A hidden object picture by the State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg and the Police Crime Prevention Program of the States and the Federation (ProPK) helps to start a conversation with young people about conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy myths often create stereotypical enemy images. They are actively directed against governments, science, population groups and can accelerate radicalization processes, for example in the area of right-wing extremism. Conspiracy narratives spread very quickly on social media, and children and young people also regularly come into contact with such content in their everyday online lives.

The State CriminalPolice Office of Baden-Württemberg (LKA BW) and the Police Crime Prevention Program of the Federal States and the Federation (ProPK) offers a didactic material to sensitize children and adolescents to conspiracy myths with a hidden object picture. With the help of the hidden object picture, adolescents can explore the many different conspiracy myths they may encounter in everyday life. Among other things, it builds on content from the interactive film "Chris + Lea" from the "Civil Heroes" initiative.

What is there to discover in the hidden object picture?

  • Approx. 40 clues to conspiracy myths e.g. Jewish world conspiracy, reptiloids and 9/11 lie
  • approx. 20 clues: Possible signs of radicalization from the phenomenon areas of politically motivated crime e.g. Reichsbürger, Keltenkreuz and Identitarian movement
  • 6 references to urban legends e.g. Elvis lives, Loch Ness monster
  • 4 references to the interactive film "Chris + Lea" on the topic of conspiracy myths

The poster can be ordered or downloaded free of charge in A1 format from the Police Advisory website.

For resolution, a QR code is printed on the hidden object picture, which links to the website Here you will find a list of all the hidden clues and the corresponding content classification. There is also a link to the interactive film and helpful tips on dealing with conspiracy myths.

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