Thematic module: What to do about (Cyber)Mobbing?

Systemic Intervention and Prevention in Schools





Mobbing is an extreme form of aggressive behavior. Aggression, in itself, is not reproachable. It occurs often in the course of human interaction when fundamental needs are violated. If, however, a sincere exchange about it can be undertaken, then aggression can be transformed into a constructive impetus. In the case of mobbing, this is exactly what does not happen; instead, individuals are systematically excluded, denigrated, and dismantled. The expansion of everyday communication into the digital realm has greatly exacerbated the negative impact of mobbing. This handbook represents a most significant source of counsel on an urgently pressing issue!

  • Publisher: EU-Initiative klicksafe in collaboration with KONFLIKT-KULTUR
  • Date of publication: 2019, May (3rd revised edition)
  • Target group: pedagogues

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